The largest single investment most people make is in their home. You can protect your home, possessions, and liability with a homeowner’s insurance policy.

In addition to its availability to homeowners, similar coverage is available for those who rent homes or apartments. These policies are referred to as tenants’ or renters’ homeowner’s policies. If you are a renter, you do not need protection against damage to the building itself, but you do need protection against damage to or theft of your personal property and liability in the event someone falls or gets hurt on the part of the premises you rent.

A condominium owner may purchase a condominium homeowner’s policy to insure personal property. Some policies may also include any additions or alterations not insured by the condominium association. It is important to check with your condominium association and your agent before buying a policy to make sure you are adequately covered.


The homeowner’s insurance policy is a package policy combining more than one type of insurance coverage in a single policy. There are four types of coverages contained in the homeowner’s policy: dwelling and personal property, personal liability, medical payments, and additional living expenses.


Dwelling and personal property coverage helps pay for damage to your home and personal property. Other structures such as a detached garage, a tool shed, or any other building on your property are usually covered for 10% of the amount of coverage on your house.

Personal property coverage will pay for personal belongings including household furniture, clothing, and other personal items. The amount of insurance coverage is usually 50% of the policy limit on your dwelling. The coverage is also limited by the types of loss listed in the policy. The coverage only pays the current cash value of the item destroyed, unless you purchased replacement cost coverage.

Your homeowner’s policy also provides off-premises coverage. This means the policy covers your belongings against theft even when they are not inside your home. Your insurer will reimburse you for the cost of replacing your suitcase and its contents if it were lost or stolen while you were on vacation, but only for replacing them with items of like kind and quality.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover your pets. Although your policy does not cover your pet or damage it does to your possessions, it will cover injury or damage your pet does to others or their possessions.

Generally, your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover your automobile.

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